Your Own Boat?

You own a sea worthy yacht and would like to enjoy us, yes it can.


If you plan to sail around the world (Atlantic) and don’t want to do this alone, enjoy us!

Our experienced skippers will guide you where you need it and you will be free when you want it. We are not holding your hand and we are not a sailing school, we are ready to assist when you need it, before, during and after the tour. Depending on the speed of your boat you will depart earlier or later then planed so you will be always in reach of our boats. We will assist you by the preparation of your boat and crew. The week before departure we will work around safety, provisioning, electronics and mechanics.

During our adventure you can rely on us for:

  • Weather forecast by email or VHF
  • Medical advice by email or VHF
  • Mechanical advice by email or VHF
  • Medical assistance from our fleet medic
  • Flotilla sailing in potentially dangerous zones (we stay close to each other)
  • Contact person for family and friends (emergency)
  • Route planning
  • VISA requirements
  • Marina reservations
  • Flight Reservations


  • Min length yacht: 9m
  • Solo sailors: yes
  • Qualifications: no (unless necessary to sail the boat)
  • Experience: + 500nm and 5 nights at sea

Minimum Safety Equipment Regulations:

  • VHF 25W and handheld 5w
  • Tracking device InReach, Spot Gen3 ….
  • Epirb boat or a personal one
  • Liferaft big enough to fit all person on board (must be in date.)
  • Grab bag to extend the survival time at sea to +24h
  • Life jacket for everybody on board + harness
  • Passive radar reflector (in mast mounted /hoisted)
  • Flares 6 red parachutes, 4 red hand held, 2 orange smoke
  • Lifebuoy or MOB Module ready to use
  • Bilge pump manual operable from on deck Navigation lights with spare bulbs
  • Nautical almanac, pilot books and paper charts (updated)
  • Anchor of sufficient weight + chain rope combination
  • Fire extinguishers min 2 depending on the size of the boat
  • Fire blanket mounted near to galley
  • Bungs of softwood (plugs)
  • Throwing line ready to use
  • A watertight torch/flash light with spare batteries and bulbs
  • Emergency tiller or secondary steering device
  • Bolt croppers, or suitable method for cutting away rigging.
  • First aid kit and manual
  • Foghorn (manual, compressed air, electric)
  • Buckets (at least two) of stout construction and fitted with lanyards
  • Echo sounder and boat speed/distance log

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