All our boats are equipped with state of the art safety gear and communication equipment. The fact we are sailing in a fleet makes it even more safe.

  • 10x Inflatable Live Jackets, safety harnesses, AIS Beacon.
  • 2x 8 persons Ocean life-rafts with Hydrostatic release and AIS Beacon
  • 1x  Telescopic Danbouy
  • 1x Rescue buoy
  • 1x Epirb with Hydrostatic release
  • 2x Grab bags 8 person with water, food, extra flares, Epirb, VHF, Satellite telephone and a set of distress flares
  • Fire extinguisher system for engine + multiple extinguishers in living compartment
  • 2x Manual bilge pumps
  • 2x Automatic electric bilge pumps
  • 1x Manually operated electric bilge pump
  • 1x Extended offshore Fist Aid kit 10 person
  • 1x AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • 1x Emergency Oxygen kit
  • 1x Emergency tiller

ACR Hydrostatic Epirb


Kannad SafeLink R10 AIS

Kannad SafeLink R10 AIS Video

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