New Hanse 675 VIP Cruiser

Think Big with Hanse 675

This really big baby with a length of almost 21 meter and a beam that is 5.90 m wide. The Judel & Vrolijk Co. and Hanse Yachts Design designers’ team decided to adopt successful solutions and details from previous successful models such as the Hanse 575 and the Hanse 630e. Therefore, the brand new Hanse 675 has a flat, harmonious and elegant deck covered with teak with a lot of hatches, windows and skylights.


Accordingly, the loft-like interior is full of daylight, fresh and airy. The proven and successful combination of luxury and sailing performances was used when this Hanse model was designed, so the yacht is equipped with an integrated self-tacking jib and the German mainsheet system, while all other sheets and halyards lead to the helmsman position. Major winches are equipped with an electric power system for an easy and relaxed trimming and sailing. A dinghy storage place is also adopted from the Hanse 575 and is placed below the cockpit, making the use of the dinghy a child’s play.


The mast length above the water line is approximately 31 m long, and the total sailing area of 253 m2 consists of 138.2 m2 for the mainsail and 115 m2 for 105% genoa. Fuel and water tanks are also impressive.

The Hanse 675 can accommodate up to 6 guest in 3 suites or 4 guest in 2 suites + an office. All the suites are equipped with a separated airconditioning and heating system, satellite phone, internet access, smart tv with video library, Design bathroom with separated shower …


Midchips you will find the dining area with separated lounge and bar. Natural light is allover present due the hatches, windows and skylights.


During your stay on board you will be treaded like a king. A professional skipper ( Yachtmaster Ocean with commercial endorsement ) will take care of the sailing and management of the boat. The 1st mate ( Yachtmaster with commercial endorsement ) will assist the skipper when necessary and will be your host/cook. The mate will take care of the cleaning, laundry, shopping, wellness and beauty and much more. All the meals, snacks and beverages are included in the price.

We have a basic set of diving suits, fins and masks with us but we recommend to bring your own set, it will fit always. If you would like to bring your own diving gear, fishing gear, surf or kite board apply for it in advance.

Benefits of sailing with us!

  • Sailing in sea worthy luxury yachts.
  • The boats are more then fully equipped.
  • Safety of sailing in a fleet.
  • Professional Skipper (Yachtmaster Ocean).
  • Professional 1 Mate ( Yachtmaster Offshore).
  • Professional Host (cleaning, wellness & beauty).
  • Fleet Medical professional (dentist, doctor).
  • We take care of the complete organisation.
  • Coordination team (tracking, Weather forecast)
  • Fixed price “No hidden extras”
  • No sailing experience required.

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