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Sharing cabin

I am travelling alone, do i need to share a cabine / bed?

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Sharing booking

I would like to book for two person (me and my girlfriend) during the trip i would like to exchange my cabin with my parents for a few months later i will come back and continue the voyage. Is this possible?

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Visit home

I would like to go home for a few days/weeks is this possible?

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The fleet

Are we sailing always together in fleet with the other boats

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free exploration

Will we have time to explore the counties / islands?

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Itinerary and schedule

Do we have a fix schedule and itinerary or is this flexible.

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Dental treatment

Can i have my teeth done during the trip?

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Modification boats

Are we sailing with boats who are modified for this kind of trip?

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Part of the traject

I would like to enjoy you for a part of the traject? Is this possible.

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Getting sailing certification

I am a novice sailor, can i become a certified sailor during the trip?

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