Atlantic Crossing To Caribbean



Atlantic Crossing To Caribbean

During this Atlantic Crossing To Caribbean (East to West) we will sail  2865 miles from the Canaries, Cabo Verde to the Caribbean on the trade wind route intended to give optimum exciting downwind sailing.  During the week before the Atlantic Crossing you will be trained by professionals, ensuring that you are prepared and confident before the start of the voyage. The achievement at arrival is big, very big, this is a lifetime experience.


During the Atlantic Crossing To Caribbean we offered different types of accommodation 4,6 and 8 guest a boat, depending on your desires. Would you like to have a boat for your family/friends “private”, yes this is possible.


We will sail in a fleet of 5 boats, a mixture of Hanse 575, 675 and Bavaria 50 cruisers. And about 10-15 self skippered boats who will enjoy our fleet during the voyage. Our experienced skippers will guide you when you need it and you will be free when you want to be. We  will not be holding your hand and we are not a sailing school, but we are ready to assist when you need it.


To participate you don’t need sailing experience, if you are in normal physical and mental condition, and you are ready to live in a confined space for a long time, then you are eligible to apply! During the weeks before departure a team of professionals will prepare you for the voyage.


Safety is very important for us. All boats are equipped with the latest technology safety gear electronics and communication equipment. The Atlantic Crossing To Caribbean is a mix of cruising, exploring and social engagement. As a responsible traveller we take care of the environment and the local economies.


(by general request we changed the dates from November 2016 to Jan 2017)
  • Departure Marina Rubicon Lanzarote Canary Islands 04 January 2017
  • Departure Mindlo Cabo Verde 15 January 2017
  • Arrival Rodney bay Saint Lucia Between 27 and 31 January 2017

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All our boats are equipped with state of the art safety gear!


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